5 Lessons on Sales & Marketing from Narendra Modi

Our Prime Minister is indeed popular and he is leaving no stones unturned to continuously gain his popularity on global platform.  While he tours across the globe is being criticized by few, I find it very encouraging.  His team is working hard to build a strong foundation for India thus enabling and he is focused on marketing the capabilities and potential of our nation to world.

What really got me interested to write this article is how effectively he is doing sales & marketing without people noticing it, I am listing down 5 attributes of him which really makes him an effective seller, would love to hear from you and off course criticisms as well on his tours, his style of selling.

Dress for the occasion but maintain your individuality:

No matter how many times he says, he doesn’t have fashion statement or he really doesn’t think through his dressing sense, you can sense it; it’s all well planned and executed process.  He dresses for the occasion to impress while maintaining Indian touch; he never gets out of indianess in his dresses.  Not sure if he has personal fashion consultant which I believe he would, if not, 10/10 on making it right every time. Whether its victory parade with blue coat or just colored shirt with black coat at Facebook. Sales is all about presentation and your dress is first reflection of your personality, never compromise on it.

Stay confident and take centre stage wherever possible:

One must stay in focus if he really has sell the concept or potential of a nation, its hard sell. You will never find Modi away from camera or standing in corner, he will have the attention and knows where the camera is.  He wants to project himself as global leader representing the largest democracy in world.  You can do it by being sober as well and stand quietly in corner but it doesn’t really works in the field of sales and marketing. You must take every opportunity to pitch your product or service and be visible.

Be Authentic:

He knows English and can very well speak as well but he speaks for the audience and not for self. With his choice of language which is done as per the audience largely speaks about how accurately he understands his customer. More important on global platform, he would prefer to speak in Hindi, message is clear; an Indian is looking for business. His chaste Hindi is powerful language for world; we are here to do business as an Indian.  In the sales process, never your loose on what you really are or what you really represent, making up things will have a rough end.

Create that emotional connect:

How often do you see Prime Minister of the worlds largest democracy crying in front of world, you saw that in QnA session at Facebook. His emotions are true reflection of a man, who understands, cares and can connect. You don’t have put a stern face always, you can be what you want to be, you cant be extremely expressive but don’t hold your emotions, let it part of your sales campaign.

Sell hard, really hard and never get distracted with negativity

One thing you must do and this is for whatever you want to do, never get distracted, take constructive feedback and move on towards your goal. Modi has been travelling across the world and has received criticism, has been mocked for it but he is determined on what his goal is and he is not distracted. He believes in networking, talking to people and seeking their contribution, showcasing the enormous opportunity we have as nation. He is selling hard, really hard.

Time will tell whether his approach will work or not but this is for sure, he is rewriting history and making the strongest ever sales pitch for India. Its upon him and the current government to build on the momentum and force world to look at India as land of opportunities rather than land snake charmers which we are equally proud of.

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