ADP Empowers Century Martial Art Supply, LLC Team Members Through Self-Service HR System

Century Martial Art Supply, LLC has been producing martial arts equipment since 1976 with an empowering and guiding core belief that martial arts can profoundly change lives. Having grown from a 50,000 square foot facility into a 650,000 square foot facility, Century is now recognized as the largest supplier of martial arts products in the world.

As Century has grown, ADP, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, became their trusted partner in implementing a robust HR system for the company. The new system now provides employees the ease of self-service, allowing the Century HR team to focus on more strategic activities and initiatives.

“With 250 team members and an HR team of three, our department is responsible for a lot-from strategic planning to succession planning, to day-to-day HR activities and payroll, just to name a few,” said Michelle Pollock, Director of Human Resources at Century. “After implementing ADP in early 2014, our team members are now empowered to gain visibility into their benefits and time off, enabling our department to focus on strategy in a way that works for our unique business.”

Before ADP, Century was using an older, cumbersome system which lacked automation. Without automation, the HR department had to spend time manually entering the correct data behind the scenes-a time consuming and extensive effort.

Now, Century’s HR system works on the back-end, even during off-hours and weekends, giving Pollock and her team time to focus on the initiatives that will help Century remain successful, such as benefits, performance management and recruiting. Additionally, Century turned to ADP for support during the open enrollment process this year. ADP provided basic terminology we could use to train our employees on complicated benefits options, providing team members with a side by side comparison of their current health care plan vs. their new health care plan and assisting team members in the open enrollment process.

As a manufacturing business, Century’s team members primarily focus on sewing operations, shipping and receiving, and administrative tasks to make and deliver products for martial arts, boxing, media, yoga, and fitness. One unique challenge Century faced was the lack of computer experience among some team members, as not all team members use computers on an day-to-day basis. While some team members had computers at home, many did not have access to a computer, or have familiarity using one. However with ADP’s training tools, Century was able to provide training for each employee on how to use the software.

Source: Press Release @ ADP

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