Allied Healthcare Academy Leverages Cloud-Based UltiPro for Strategic Gains, Measurable Business Benefits

Ultimate Medical Academy

WESTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, announced today that Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), a school committed to preparing students for careers in the healthcare field, is benefiting from UltiPro’s single-source human capital management (HCM), strategic business intelligence, as well as collaborative support services.

Florida-based UMA has trained thousands of students in the allied health field with online and campus classes. The career-training school provides a wide-ranging portfolio of healthcare degrees and programs in this rapidly growing field, currently serving approximately 10,000 students across North America. Previously, UMA had used multiple systems to handle complex HR and payroll processes. To increase its general efficiencies in these operations, and expand its human resource and payroll capabilities, the educational institution sought a technology solution that provided unified HCM. After an extensive evaluation of HCM providers, went live on Ultimate Software’s UltiPro in October 2012.

“Having a total suite of HR, payroll, and talent management in one single solution helps our business tremendously. UltiPro is the go-to place for our employees and a key resource for strategic decisions that impact our overall organization,” said Tim Lockhart, senior vice president of human resources at Ultimate Medical Academy.

“In the delivery of our services, we are a very labor-intensive company, and UltiPro’s capabilities for payroll and time management have exceptional advantages in these respects. We have dramatically increased the accuracy in the administration of pay and provided our employees with daily access to their payroll information available online. This immediate access translates to fewer questions and minimizes the manual checks required for inappropriate allocation of time. Since we went live on UltiPro, we have seen significant improvements in payroll efficiency.”

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Delivered with cloud technology, UltiPro provides customers like UMA with a cohesive suite of HCM functionality, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, and performance management. Employees have immediate, 24-7 access to information, and executives and managers can leverage real-time, strategic analytics to help strengthen performance and support the overall organization.

“Because we depend so heavily on the performance of our people, having the right talent and the right processes for talent acquisition are essential. UltiPro Recruiting and UltiPro Onboarding are easy to use, helping us build talent strength while making the process much easier for both candidates and our internal teams. The speed of finding the right people and then assimilating employees into our company has improved with UltiPro,” said Lockhart.

“UltiPro Business Intelligence is another big win for us, improving our capabilities for problem solving, analyzing costs, forecasting, monitoring employee turnover and trends, and aligning performance with overall business goals. For example, we use UltiPro to analyze our pre-hires, and we can better align rates of pay with market performance. By realigning our starting wages with the current market rates, we are more cost efficient. Having real-time, instant access helps us better understand what is working and what is not; and whether we are ahead or behind previous quarters or years. We can provide executives and managers with much better information, quickly correct or modify our processes, and improve how we operate, including focusing on the retention of employees who are critical to our success. UltiPro is unique because it is technology that serves both our employees and our business.”

In addition to accelerating and elevating its HCM processes, and providing managers and executives with strategic business intelligence, UMA also has seen value in relying on Ultimate’s range of services for customer support, guidance, and configurability of the cloud technology. Viewing customers as ‘partners,’ Ultimate’s support and product teams welcome an open, collaborative business relationship with customers to ensure success.

“Ultimate’s support teams rate an A+, and the partnership we have with Ultimate Software makes a huge difference. The UltiPro team wants to hear from us to know how they can improve our experience, and as a result, the technology and services are always evolving,” said Lockhart. “Ultimate’s support teams are helpful when we want to adapt the solution for our unique business needs. Ultimate is more than an HCM provider. It is a strategic partner.”

“By leveraging a unified suite of HCM, businesses like Ultimate Medical Academy can benefit from easy-to-use technology that accelerates processes, provides enhanced services for employees, and delivers strategic insight for executives. And, without a doubt, having the right customer support amplifies these advantages,” said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software. “We’re very pleased that the UltiPro solution is delivering such a positive impact to UMA’s overall business.

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