Baymont CT Selects EmpXtrack Appraisal, Recruitment And Human Capital Management HR Solutions

EmpXtrack cloud based HR solutions have been selected by a leading US hospitality brand

Baymont CT, a leading hospitality chain of America, has selected EmpXtrack’s human management, recruitment and appraisal solutions to automate its HR processes and increase employee output.

“By opting for EmpXtrack cloud based HR solution, Baymont CT will be able to get a global view of its employees and better track employee’s development”, said Tushar Bhatia, CEO EmpXtrack.

Baymont CT has implemented EmpXtrack’s cloud based AppraisalLeave and AttendanceManager Services and Recruitment solutions.

Baymont CT: Baymont Inn & Suites strives to maintain the cleanest and best accommodations possible with a guest service record second to none. They have been recognized as “the best kept secret” in the lodging industry for the Greater Hartford area.

About EmpXtrack :

EmpXtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. The leader among integrated web-based solutions for HR, EmpXtrack is powerful enough to handle all 18 functions of HR department through its single window interface and provides comprehensive analytics for critical decision making.

It uniquely combines Performance Management, Compensation Planning, Talent Acquisition, Self and Manager Services, Compliance, Rewards and Recognitions, Manpower Planning, Surveys and a comprehensive Employee Database with advanced search features.

Designed as a SaaS (software-as-a- service) offering, EmpXtrack requires Zero-to-minimum investment in hardware and other software components, making it first choice of the organizations that require quick to use solutions with minimum investment in technology.

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