Dealing with stress in five quick steps

No matter how hard you try, you can’t run away from stress unless you are the zen guru and if you are, better guide people like us.

I deal with it  every day and continue to learn new ways of dealing stress in person and professionals life, based on my I am listing 5 quit things you do deal with it.

  1. Invoke the Buddha in you, practice meditation for 2 min and I suggest to start with only 2 min, don’t try to do it beyond that unless you are confident and in control, if you can’t, you will come under stress. Just keep your eyes slightly open and count your breath, where and how, completely your choice.
  2. Stop reacting to everything around you, you can never control your environment, surroundings or people but you can always control on how to react to circumstances. Choose to react, don’t feel compelled to.
  3. Finish all challenging tasks first, make it a routine. The task can be personal or professional, don’t delay, the more you delay, the more stressful it becomes.
  4. Take frequent 5-10 min frequent breaks from routine and do everything else what you weren’t doing. Go ahead, take a walk, speak to someone, browse the internet or visit social media. If possible, after this short break, try to go back to 1-2 min in silence.
  5. Last, not the least, don’t expect, always be ready to give. Expectations cause stress, now it does not means you are working in the corporate world and don’t expect that promotion or raise, you need to demand that as a requirement. Don’t expect someone else will take charge of your career or will make you happy, stay in charge and reward yourself.

How do you to manage stress, would love to add it to my blog post.

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