Do nothing and consider it to be the best ever thing happened to you


When was the last time you spent time in infinity, in a black hole or with yourself doing nothing, no, you with your phone is not considered time spent alone, you are connected with the negative and positives of universe, your family & friends happiness and sorrows, you are busy judging people, analysing others and thinking, am I really loved by everyone?

The existence of the human being is primarily to create something unique,  do wonderful things, produce exciting products, helping others but the y essence of this body is also about, knowing you exists, you exist because you need live YOUR life.

Yesterday night I was gazing in sky and specifically towards moon, seeking nothing, asking nothing and I really made the most of it, I could see the beauty, I could capture every single seconds of cloud movement over the moon and it coming out of shadow like it never existed before. Yesterday, I didn’t question why moon exists, I didn’t question, why do we have skies, I didn’t bother why birds fly, I sought no clarification on why it’s hot or cold as I emptied my mind and stared at everything while doing nothing.

When was the last time you spent time doing nothing, you need revitalize your body& soul and on top, your mind. Just like a machine is expected to work 24 hrs. but its rested for couple of hrs. for longevity and sustained performance, so is your body, spend some time doing nothing and see so many exciting unknown happiness coming around. Stop questing everything, start enjoying everything!

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