Driving Engagement Through Data Analytics, ‘What an Idea Sirjee’!

That “What an idea sirjee!” is blooper but I just like it, excuse me for using it anyway. I am told headlines have to be catchy :).

I recently attended a two day session on HR Analytics in endeavour to be certified professional, the certification is secondary, knowledge is all what I wanted.  In order to be certified, I need to complete a project and what better than driving engagement through data, I had never thought about it but here I am now.

HR Data when combined with performance and business data can throw interesting picture, will always give you a long term and short term action plan.

To reach a desired level of employee engagement, you cannot rely on ER activities; it has to be combination of all.  The biggest challenge anyone can find in driving engagement through data is availability of data.  If your organization doesn’t not have unified or integrated system, you will have to spend a lot of time on collating data and then cleaning it up, good data is key is for your analysis, bad data will backfire.

What all elements you need to look for driving engagement through data, practically all but I am focusing on few critical ones and as I move ahead will continue to share the journey.  My data right has three segments, this not exhaustive list.

  1. Group 1 (Employee Demographics): Educations, Diversity, Age, Ethnicity, Birth City, Tenure In Organization, Overall Work Experience
  2. Group 2 (Professional Experience): Technical Skill set, Years in the Job, No. of trainings attended, knowledge assessment, Projects completed etc.
  3. Group 3 (Performance & Intervention): Year on Year Performance Scores, Supervisor Intervention, Rewards and Recognition, Ideation.

With the current set of data available, interesting observation can arrived with correlation. I could never think through, Individuals Knowledge of the process to perform a job is directly linked to his engagement, that’s what the data shows!

Next stage of the project is to do predictive analysis, will publish the results shortly.

What’s your take ? Have worked on any such project ?

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