Equifax Workforce Solutions Introduces Configurable Unemployment Cost Management Solution

Company Expands Unemployment Cost Management Solution to Deliver a Full Range of Technology and Services that Improve Compliance and Results . 

ST. LOUIS (January 29, 2015) – Equifax Workforce Solutions, a leader in human resource, analytics and verification services, and a business unit of Equifax Inc.  (NYSE:EFX), is expanding its Unemployment Cost Management solution to offer a  full range of technology and services that help employers streamline unemployment claims processes and ensure compliant claims response.

Employers today are faced with rising unemployment costs, which have increased by nearly 60 percent over the last several years to reach an average of $490 per employee. At the same time, the rules and regulations surrounding unemployment claims response have expanded, making it more difficult for employers to maintain compliance. As unemployment processes vary from state to state, navigating the landscape becomes more complex, causing confusion and uncertainty.  

To meet client demand for greater flexibility, Equifax Workforce Solutions now enables customers to configure an unemployment cost management program that best complements their internal process. Companies may now implement CaseBuilder, the company’s intuitive claims management platform, as a standalone solution to support in-house claims administration, or combine this platform with additional

Unemployment Cost Management services to provide the most cost effective solution for their individual needs. From claims response through CaseBuilder to expert consultation, hearing representation, benefit charge audits and advanced analytics, Equifax provides employers with the tools they need to ensure both unemployment cost savings and compliant claims response.

“Given the complexity of unemployment claims, and the time and costs they require, organizations need a flexible approach to address these challenges and ensure an efficient and compliant response,” said Bob Austin, vice president of UC Operations at Equifax Workforce Solutions. “By increasing the configurability of our  Unemployment Cost Management solution, we can work with our clients to determine which features best complement their processes and goals, enabling them to manage unemployment costs in the most cost-effective manner.”

Additional information about the latest enhancements to Equifax Workforce Solutions Unemployment Cost Management solution is available here.

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