Facebook at Work, will your employer use it ?

Facebook finally makes entry in enterprise segment with the launch of ‘Facebook at Work’.

Facebook has have been using it internally from quite some time for collaboration and has seen success.

This new platform is now available on  iOS and Android app store and is called “Facebook At Work,” along with a version of Facebook at Work accessible via its main website, which will let businesses create their own social networks amongst their employees that are built to look and act like Facebook itself reported techcrunch.

Facebook at Work lets you create a work account that is separate from your personal Facebook account. With a Facebook at Work account, you can use Facebook tools to interact with co-workers. Things you share using your work account will only be visible to other people at your company.

The app looks and feels like the Facebook everyone’s already acclimated with, but there are no ads in the “At Work” version, nor does Facebook keep track of any corporate user data, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has still not indicated whether they will charge for this tool but it will certainly make other enterprise social media tools uncomfortable, currently Microsoft’s Yammer is leading the pack. Facebook at Work will get more attraction considering employee may be already using it hence the adaptation will be fairly easy.

The question really, will your employer or employee excited to use it ?. The answer may be difficult but it lies in what Facebook has to offer in pricing & security.

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