Forrester’s Complimentary Webinar Series – Managing The Cross-Touchpoint Customer Journey

Hosted by:

Martin Gill, Principal Analyst


Thursday, February 7, 2013
2:00 p.m. UK time or check for local time


1 hour

day’s consumer engages through a variety of touchpoints, yet many brands struggle to deliver cross-touchpoint experiences. Too many firms focus on each touchpoint in isolation and fail to enable their customers to transition easily between them, even when the experience suggests to the consumer that this should be possible. To deliver the kind of experiences that these cross-touchpoint consumers expect, brands must focus on optimizing the journey, not each individual touchpoint.

During this session, you will interact with Forrester Principal Analyst Martin Gill and learn:

  • How to avoid obstacles transitioning between touchpoints like mobile devices and tablets and how to deliver a brilliant cross-touchpoint experience.
  • How to avoid providing an ineffective cross-touchpoint customer journey to your consumer.
  • How to prevent unbalanced efforts in providing value to both the brand and the consumer.

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Check out some recent media coverage on Martin’s research here!

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