How HR can embrace velocity & fast-forward business ?

Several preaching’s suggests reincarnation (the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form) is reality and it’s probably but science doesn’t approve it but we still live with this popular belief because it gives the motivation of continuous evolution on all aspects of life. Everything in life has shelf period and it must come in a new avatar or perish forever, that’s reality and even science will approve it.

HR must reinvent itself as frequently as the business dynamics changes, we are no longer living  in brick and mortar world of operating business, everything is digital and it continues to change. HR must reinvent to ensure they continue to be relevant for brick & motor setup and they are also part of digitized world of organizations.

How should this change happen?

There are several ways this change must happen and to our satisfaction, its happening, we just need pick up the speed. I have listed few points below and not to make lengthy, I will publish part 2 of this article later.

HR as Change Catalyst

HR professionals should transition themselves from policy makers to change catalysts.  Policy can be designed and reinvented as per the business needs, its application must be done through the HR as change catalyst and this is just one aspect.  Business is changing, their approach is changing, geographies are changing and CEO’s today are looking to adapt these change quickly.  HR can plan a strong role in managing these changes, they must partner with business leaders to anticipate the problems and identify a workable, practical approach on solving needs.

HR as Data Catalyst

HR must develop a strong acumen to read through data, visualize and draw a meaningful  & actionable conclusion.  The future of any business lies with how strongly heads of the organization can read through data. Future is round the corner, internet of things will all over the organization in coming years.  The quicker we combine the dots and derive conclusion, the better will be for HR to make real impact on business.  Without further deliberation, I would urge readers to read through an interesting take on HR Services and Internet of Things.

HR as Integrated team, not a support team

HR must consider themselves part of the integrated operations team and rather not be seen a support team, HR shouldn’t be called on need basis but pro actively get involved into business activities.  I also presented a strong on why should HR be broken in two different verticals basis an interesting article I read from Sir Ram Charan.

There are other aspects as well which HR must adapt changes to embrace velocity, will be published in next article.

I am going to be at SHRM India Annual Conference 2015, the most exciting and premier HR event in India! The theme velocity – speed of execution and focus on business – is actually what HR needs today. Hope to see you there too –

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