I envy a lot and probably that makes me human and focused

Read a news last week, a young man in 30’s is now a CEO and is self made, I can’t even complain that he is lucky and has inherited wealth because he did not. This is all ok, he owns XC90, my dream car and here I am, keep moving my car service due date to avoid cost and get a false sense of saving.

Not all dreams have to be successful, some are always aspirational and that’s the way it should be. Dream as big as you want but dream, push really hard, results will come.

Being envious is perfectly fine, it helps us, you will be become self conscious and develop better understanding of self. Pitting yourself against others is erroneous, always put self against self, if you see a change, keeping moving, you are in right direction.

May be XC90 is not worth the pain of being envious.

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