Let music be an integral part of your daily life, you will surprised what it can do to you!

Plato rightly said “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”.

My life is full of experiments and these experiments keep me alive, my new experiment is all focused  on how listening music daily can positively impact your life. I am following a certain routine and thought to share with you.

In early morning part of the day, I need a relaxed mind with a taste of spirituality, it doesn’t matter if you are atheist, and music has no religion.  In the morning I usually listen to “Karpur Gauram Karunavtaaram” in loop, it’s an ancient Sanskrit śloka related to Lord Shiva, and a popular aarti in Shaivism, alternate days, I will listen to “Om Mani Padme Hum” a mantra in Tibetan Buddhism. These sloka’s have a super natural power, they can help to bring a sense of calmness in mind. You can achieve a lot during the day if you manage to calm your mind in morning; it helps you plan your day effectively with lots of positive energy.

While getting ready for work and subsequently driving to work, I really want to feel energetic, I use several combinations. While getting ready or during breakfast or reading newspaper, I am primarily hooked to FM channels, just listen to anything and everything. This keeps me updated with current affairs and also latest music trends, you never want to be left out from the trend…….isn’t it ?

While driving, it’s a combination of peppy songs, I quite often listen to YO YO Honey Singh (ignore lyrics J), I love his music.  On Monday & Tuesday, I am generally stuck with U2 or Linkin Park.  You need a little loud music to stimulate your mind; I get cracking the moment I reach office.

During work hours, I avoid music as I have several other music channels to listen and respond to J , does not meets that the standards of our work policies as well, although I would love to do that but it may be a distraction sometimes or result into lack of focus, you need to be always available to listen.

While driving back to work, it can really get interesting and completely depends on how rest of the evening is planned. If I am sure, it’s a long day ahead and I need to keep my momentum up, I will continue with Linkin Park or U2, at times I do switch to Coke Studio (recorded in Pakistan) and if its other way around, no work once you reach home, Jazz has all the attention and I simply love it, currently listening toMichael Bubble.  Jazz never lets you down when you want to relax your muscles; it keeps your adrenaline rush down.

Let me know what role music has plays in your life, if it’s not, make it, you will be happier then yesterday!

P.S. My music preferences keep on changing, this current playlist is from last 2 weeks and it will change in coming weeks.

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