Macromicro Launches Innovative HR Analytics Tools for Organizational Insight and Planning

Macromicro LLC announces its release of a revolutionary set of analytics tools for senior leadership and human resources management at the world’s largest, most complex organizations. Macromicro’s tools visually describe hierarchies and data structures of large organizations, capturing structure in its entirety and the complexity within. These visualizations — based on a revolutionary new org chart — aggregate HR and organizational metrics into a multivariate, animated, interactive interface that allows leaders and decision-makers to see patterns and relationships amongst tens of thousands of employees.

  • Macromicro’s interactive mapping tools help leadership:
  • Discover people in their organization more quickly, making smarter connections;
  • See an accurate depiction of their organization’s proportions in high-resolution;
  • Layer and filter complete datasets (e.g., job grade, spans and layers, tenure, comparatio) and analyze them on a macro- and micro-scale;
  • Prepare for mergers and acquisitions; plan for the entry and departure of employees;
  • Save money by finding organizational inefficiencies;
  • Heighten organizational efficiencies, reduce costs;
  • Optimize and balance employee distribution and compensation;
  • Audit the quality of personnel data through visual analysis.

 Macromicro works with each of its clients to custom tailor all of its subscription-based software services to the unique needs and datasets for each organization. The founding partners of Macromicro believe that data visualization and interactive screens provide a revolutionary way of navigating an organization, whether it be a company, non-profit, or government entity.

“There are many HR tools out there, and many org charts that are hopelessly inept at presenting the inherent complexity of large organizations,” says Professor Alexander Cheek, co-founder of Macromicro. “What we’re creating is the possibility for a leader to see his or her organization in a living window, to be able to dive into it and make informed decisions about its future based on multivariate data.” Cheek adds, “by combining rich data graphs and an intuitive user experience, we’re strengthening the possibility for new learning to unfold, and subsequently more efficient and entirely new forms of organizational analysis.”

Based in Boston, MA, Macromicro was founded in 2011 by Brad Peterson, CEO, and Alexander Cheek, CDO. Peterson is an entrepreneur who recently worked in business development at Nokia headquarters. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University, and an MBA from IMD, Switzerland. Cheek recently stepped out of his position as assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University to devote his time to Macromicro. He is a researcher, lecturer, and writer in the areas of design, human interaction, and information systems. Harri Nieminen recently left Nokia to join Macromicro as CTO, bringing his expertise in SAP integration to software development. Nieminen holds degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from the University of Tampere. The founders will be demonstrating their work at the HR Technology Conference & Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, and HR Tech Europe 2013 in Amsterdam.

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