Make learning a habit, get it as first item on your “to do” list


I just came back from a two day learning session, I must say, it was quite an entertaining yet learning session.  The entire program was focused on presenting yourself effectively.  It wasn’t a rocket science but all about looking at basics we don’t know and a realization that these basics can make a lot of difference.

Personally I have attended few sessions touching these topics and yet I learned new ways to present myself and that has thrilled me. Majority of us think twice before enrolling into a full day session and rightly so, the ongoing priorities always takes center stage. I have been encouraging my team to attend as much learning session as they can, these sessions are always enriching and adds on to your skill set.

The other day I had to force one of team member to attend this training, asked for reasons on why he can’t and he certainly had all valid ones but I insisted on identifying a work around and it worked.  Imagine this; I decided to attend that one important meeting or conference to make an impact in current state and now that I have managed to find a way to attend the training sessions, I can positively impact thousands of such meetings and conference calls.

The easy part is to keep ongoing priority first, the difficult part is navigating through those priority and invest that time in self learning, and your client will be pleasantly surprised with the future outcomes.

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