Managing Our Aggression

Aggression is good and we all must have, it’s an important attribute to reach your goals . What really happens when this aggression is misunderstood and used in appropriate manner, its catastrophic, derails everything and it creates an environment of mistrust.  Basis my experience while working with different set of people, I have observed, our aggression is more focused on dominating others, having superiority complex or zeal to surpass everything to achieve goals.  People may derive instant gratification but you can’t sustain, someone  more aggressive will overpower you, beware of this situation.

What really is aggression ? Aggression is all about cultivating a fire in you to give the best, best that no else can question and is compelled to applaud your efforts. Your aggression should channelized in a manner to address critical business issues, increasing client satisfaction. Show your aggression while working with people, show  them you are responsible for their career and you both jointly own it. Show your aggression while dealing with business critical issues, handling personal issues, you just to be meticulous in your approach.

I consider myself aggressive but you will never see it in my words, I have practised to control it and channelize it where it matters the most, to our people , to our clients. Never ever fall in the trap of verbal or email aggression, it’s called instant gratification with adverse impact.

Have you ever seen aggressive Harbhajan Singh, when he is aggressive, you can see in on his face, it’s expressed instantly and it goes for a toss. Whenever he has tried to be aggressive, ball always meets boundary. Contrast this with Anil Kumble, you will never see aggression on his face, he channelizes his energies and delivers the best.  If you want to be  successful at work, never focus on instant gratification,  focus on long term goal. Focus on 10/10, don’t settle with 5/10.

Hold on to your aggression for instant gratification, you will see the difference.

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