Microsoft and Oracle Preferred Vendors for Enterprise Software

A survey conducted by Piper Jaffray from 112 CIOs across 8 different industries suggest Microsoft and Oracle are the preferred enterprise software. The survey demographic was primarily North American (85%) and ~25% of respondents reported annual IT budgets in excess of $50 million. The Technology, Retail and Restaurant sectors were most represented, accounting for 47%, 17% and 11% of the total responses respectively.

Oracle’s preference for enterprise software is driven by their strong presence on-premise solution, this may not to be an exciting news for other enterprise software providers in HCM space.  SAP is placed at 7th position with only 7% CIO’s and Workday has only preference from 3% CIO’s. is the only pure software-as-a-service vendor to make it into the top 5 as a
primary vendor. Salesforce is also the largest SaaS vendor.

Piper Jaffary

When asked about cloud spending, 73% of CIOs reported allocating budget to private, hybrid, or public cloud projects in 2015.

Security Issues was cited as the biggest hindrance with regards to moving data to private cloud.  35% of CIOs cited it as the primary reason for keeping data on premise. This was up from 31% in our 2014 survey, likely reflecting the significant increase in cyber-security breaches over the last twelve months.

Piper Jaffary_Security

Data protection continues to take center stage, Security was also cited as the #1 spending priority, with 75% of CIOs expecting to increase spending in 2015 (59% in 2014).

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  1. […] security challenges is certainly getting attention, as per a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, Security was also cited as the #1 spending priority, with 75% of CIOs expecting to increase […]

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