Newfield Supports Employee Performance with Oracle HCM Cloud

In the oil and gas industry, expedition into new areas and successful development of ongoing operations drive growth. To capitalize on such opportunities, Newfield Exploration Company, a business engaged in exploring and producing oil and gas, adopted Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud), which gives employees and managers access to HR data and helps them identify and work toward individual, team, and company goals.

To support business expansion around the globe, Newfield will leverage the mobile capabilities of Oracle HCM Cloud, part of Oracle Applications Cloud, to eventually focus its 1,500 employees on goals and objectives that add value for shareholders. Newfield has selected Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile as the mobile interface its employees will use when the company is ready to launch this new application, based on features such as usability, goal-tracking capabilities, and real-time speed of the native iPad application.

Oracle HCM Cloud has helped Newfield strengthen employee development and foster teamwork and collaboration. Full visibility into goals and progress in Oracle HCM Cloud helps motivate Newfield employees to perform to their potential. Newfield plans to use Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile to increase personal connections across the growing team by giving employees who travel to different offices instant access to shared employee profiles—including backgrounds, previous interactions, and photos.

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  1. Lord

    The above screenshot is not from Oracle HCM Cloud, it is an Oracle E-Business Suite add-on provided by

    1. HRO Excellence

      Thank you for correction, we will change it!

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