Rules are Changing for Corporate Reputation Management, According to Sodexo 2015 Workplace Trends Report

Press Release/Sodexo: Employees and consumers are gaining greater influence over corporations’ behavior thanks to a surge in e-commerce and social sharing, according to Sodexo’s 2015 Workplace Trends Report. The new form of public accountability, labeled “Rateocracy,” is putting unprecedented pressure on companies to act transparently, highlighting one of the major shifts in how the workplace is changing in response to technology and cultural expectations.

“When workers and customers can instantly share their opinions of a company with thousands of people, concerns like morale, transparency and fairness become an integral part of how businesses manage their reputation,” said Michael Norris, Sodexo’s chief operating officer. “The goal of the Workplace Trends Report is to evaluate how ongoing changes, like the growing power of one person to influence a company’s reputation, are affecting the everyday experiences of employees and their managers.

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