Saba Compensation@Work Now Available in Saba Cloud Fall Release

Redwood Shores, CA– (Marketwired) December 3, 2014 (Press Release)– Saba (OTCPink: SABA), a leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management, announced availability of Compensation@Work™, a predictive solution for simplifying and personalizing the increasingly complex employee salary and incentive pay process.

The Saba solution, developed with a cross section of large and mid-size enterprise design partners, uses patent-pending predictive analytics algorithms to surface many otherwise hidden indicators, or “signals” of the value, engagement and cost of team members.

“Compensation@Work sifts through dozens of signals in your business to net out the intersection between pay, value and risk and then recommends pay and incentives for the people driving your business. Strategic compensation doesn’t have to be complex, but it needs to be right”,” said Saba Chief Technology Officer, Hemanth Puttaswamy. “Compensation@Work is both simple and sophisticated; it is to incentive pay what TurboTax is for expediting tax filings. “

Compensation@Work is:

  • Simple, Yet Sophisticated: A comp plan-building wizard makes the very complex plan creation process super straightforward for administers at various levels of expertise. Built-in “What if?” budget creation tools, analytics and best-practice worksheets inform budget strategies.
  • Smart and Proactive: Patent pending algorithms identify high risk/high value individuals and then provide concrete and personalized recommendations, comparing the real cost to retain vs. replace them. Having this data up front, makes it possible to be proactive and thoughtful about retention strategies. Salary and incentive recommendations can be compared at individual, departmental and company-wide cost levels.
  • Flexible: User friendly worksheet configuration includes a built-in advanced rules and formulas builder. Compensation administrators can access and load external data from multiple sources for big data-based audience segmentation and worksheet configurations.

Industry Response

Previewed at the HR Tech Conference in October, Compensation@Work has driven a great deal of industry attention and discussion.

“After hating the merit-pay-increase matrix for 25 years, imagine my delight in seeing that Saba plans to debut a Big Data and machine-learning product that encourages you not to treat every employee the same, tells you who needs to be treated differently and even indicates how much the good ones may cost to keep them from leaving!” said Bill Kutik, HR technology pundit, columnist and host of The Bill Kutik Radio Show. Click here for Bill Kutik’s video interview on the topic.

“Saba’s risk identification and retention analysis is very powerful –just like the analytics behind it.  This is an exciting innovation that can help many organizations like ours,” Barbara Lewis, Director of Talent Management at AdvantEdge.

“A compensation tool needs to be powerful, but also flexible and easy to use.  I’m impressed with Saba’s active engagement of customers in the design process to provide such a solution. Saba’s Compensation@Work design covers these elements and offers much more than the standard compensation components for deeper insight to power the best decisions.”   Michelle Graves, Senior HR Business Consultant, RapidLD.

About Compensation@Work

Now available, Saba’s Compensation@Work rounds out Saba’s full talent management offering, all built on Saba’s intelligent cloud platform, which taps powerful machine learning to deliver more predictive, personal insights on the skills, aspirations, network impact and potential value of all members of a company’s team. Named by Gartner as a leading talent management innovator, Saba is widely regarded for its irresistible, intelligent set of solutions for better finding, developing, engaging and inspiring people in their jobs.

More information on Compensation@Work is available here.

About Saba

Saba (OTCPink: SABA) delivers a cloud-based intelligent talent management solution used by leading organizations worldwide to hire, develop, engage and inspire their people. With machine learning at its core, Saba Cloud offers proactive, personalized recommendations on candidates, connections and content to help employees and businesses lead and succeed. It is purpose-built on a highly scalable platform that exceeds industry security and reliability standards. Saba has more than 31 million users and 2,200 customers across 195 countries and 37 languages. Learn more about intelligent talent management at

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