The exceptions can demotivate, become one to avoid this self-infected trap

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We are living in a highly competitive world, new set of challenges and new standards of success can really have a tormenting impact on everyone.

Series of success stories got news attention in Indian media lately with people getting crores as package just after class pass out. These indeed are remarkable stories and these students possess unique potential to get this fat pay package.

While it is a sensational story, it can also leave huge impact on thousands of students and working employees, the bar is too high to catch up and this can demotivate. Not everyone is born exceptional, people who are, will get duly recognized. For people like me and majority, the more we follow exceptions, the more we feel demotivated, the idea should be to thrive towards achieving excellence in whatever you are doing, you will be exceptional.

Need of the hour is to focus on increasing skills. It will be long and tedious journey but would really be fruitful in getting that handsome money.

Question is how ?

There are numerous ways and not all will suit individual needs, you need to identify your own way.

I personally like this listing on on increasing your salary with certification, just focus on continuous learning, you will be there. In a situation, you are not from a technical background, yet series of options of continuous learning exists, best way is do executive MBA. This may not at par with a regular MBA but if you are a working professional, it will get boost to your career.

Market really pays for the skill set, if you were not lucky or intelligent enough to get into IIM’s or IIT’s, you can create your own path. Students and current employees can focus on industry specific certifications and this the best way to get noticed. In this dynamic industry, SME’s are need of the hour, just continuously build on the expertise and you can be counted and noticed by your perspective employer or you can choose, what Dilbert does :-).

Focus on becoming exceptions, the world will notice you!


I have overall 12 years on experience in outsourcing and services industry. Since last 8 years completely focuses in HR Services industry with experience of managing large and small accounts on different HCM platforms. While I have experience of over a decade but still learning, I call myself Chief Learner, a strong advocate of continuous learning.

I share my experience and industry news through HROExcellence portal, learning to put my thoughts and I just love to do it.

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