The Internet of Things and HR Services, What’s in store?

Next decade will dynamically change the way we work, majority of it will be led by today’s millennials and strongly supported by technology, Internet of things will become a reality in all walks of life. By 2020 approximately 50 billion devices will exists. Taking a conservative approach, Intel and IDC have predicted it to 200 billion. This inforgraphic on Forbes has detailed information.

When you have 50 billion devices on Internet of Things, the human resources services will see a paradigm shift.

Imagine a scenario; An employee not feeling well, visits a doctor and as a follow-up he/she is recommended an in-house health checkup. Employee will simply trigger a message from his wrist watch or mobile app, he will notify his manager and block leave calendar, once the leave calendar is blocked, it triggers a notification to hospital for a reservation as per the leaves planned or he can simply ask for best time to take leaves, both (HRMS & Hospital) triggers the best possible dates.

HR services will go through series of transformation, the way we hire someone till an employee gets on boarded and retires, data and entire value chain will be right in front of us. HR will have to play stronger strategic role with enormous data and can truly revolutionize the way we work.

A perfect scenario for learning management; more and more system integration will be place and the greater predictive analysis with recommendations to learn. Performance Management tools can be enabler to recommend appropriate learning recommendation as per the 360 feedback. The learner would get real time view of associated learning on learning system basis the feedback.

The internet of things is right here on our door with immense possibility, waiting for our imagination to further transform how we work. While these enormous possibilities exist, so is the need for people who can use this new age technology integration. Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle Corporation, picks up these challenges in blog and asks; start thinking today about the Internet of People.

Whilst Internet of Things will present enormous possibility, it will also bring the challenges and data security is foremost the biggest challenge. SHRM captures some details here, The HR Challenges.

  • IoT is also susceptible to 70% Proportion of most commonly used Internet of Things devices that contain serious vulnerabilities malfunction and hacking.
  • 25 Average numbers of vulnerabilities in Internet of Things devices including those used to manage work processes and in HR technologies.

The security challenges is certainly getting attention, as per a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, Security was also cited as the #1 spending priority, with 75% of CIOs expecting to increase spending in 2015 (59% in 2014).

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And, while we are taking about of Internet of Things, Internet of Everything has already arrived!

Where does your imagination takes you on Internet of Things and HR Services ?

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