Vana Workforce Launches Release 11 Delivering One Unified HR Application for Global Organizations

Vana Workforce today announced the latest release of Vana HCM Update 11, developed native on the platform from, delivering the most complete suite of HR applications built for today’s social, mobile, and global workforce.

Version 11 introduces significant enhancements across the entire suite including new features across time management, performance and talent, recruitment, core human resources and more.

Delivering Best in Class Recruitment and Onboarding

Vana Release 11 introduces significant enhancements to the recruitment and onboarding process delivering a unified solution to the attracting, hiring, and onboarding of talent. Key features in the latest release include a visual candidate map to see at a glance where all candidates reside, candidate distance search, enhanced email resume parsing, pre-screening question ordering, passive talent search integration, and more.

Improving Workforce Engagement with Talent Management

Vana Performance and Goals Management now delivers a completely configurable performance experience for employees and managers. Users can now tailor the performance plan setup to include any number of performance sections by performance type and specify how each section will drive performance decisions. Additionally, future period goals can now be entered as part of the current performance period review.

Delegation Management Streamlines Time and Absence Management

The delegation framework delivered with Vana Release 11 has been extended to time management enabling designated workers to enter time worked for team members or other workers all from one rapid time entry page creating the individual payable time details based on configurable timesheet rules including the new project rate costing.

Mass Changes Deliver Groundbreaking Productivity

Release 11 now supports the ability for managers and administrators to mass change direct reports based on configurable business events, automatically updating the manager hierarchy on the effective date of change.

Enhanced Manager Experience and Functionality

We continue to enhance the experience for managers by now providing the ability for managers to drill down the entire management hierarchy with the ability to complete business processes for an entire team in addition to direct reports.

Vana Human Capital Management Update 11 is available now. Sign up for a 30 day Free Trial at

About Vana Workforce

Vana Workforce is the industry’s leading cloud provider of HR Software solutions specifically designed to the needs of small and medium enterprises. Vana Workforce HCM delivers a completed and integrated human capital management solution for global organizations form hire to retire. Founded in 2008, Vana Workforce has customers on every continent, and was recently recognizes as a 2013 HR IT Innovator from Cata Alliance and a Top 10 Up and Coming Technology Company in Canada by PWC.

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