What do you women want at work? LinkedIn Global Research Study

LinkedIn did a global research study to explore the key challenges and opportunities facing professional women around the globe in support of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013

Not surprisingly, the study tells us that working women the world over are looking for one thing above others – greater flexibility.  Two out of three of working mums we surveyed agree and ‘would like more flexible work conditions’. Furthermore, there is a strong belief that for the next generation of professional women greater flexibility will be crucial for their success – a whopping  4 out 5 agree with that sentiment.

Other big issues that the study surfaced included concerns over lack of investment in professional development and lack of a clear career path. Encouragingly and despite all this, there is a great deal of confidence and optimism about careers and future opportunities – with 3 out of 4 women believing they can ‘have it all’. Perhaps that’s what women really want.

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