What your customer wants

Ever wondered customer services touches us in all aspects of life and it starts with our  family members at home. Consider a situation, your father asks for drive to friends place but you have other priorities, you may politely refuse him or simply say no but as customer he was expecting something and we couldn’t deliver because of personal priorities.  Now he won’t really hang on it because it’s all about emotional bonding considering its family, he will simply forget. However, if I could have done it, he would be delighted provided you really wanted to make him so.

In another situation you walk into a government office where individuals are service provider and you the customer, the situation really changes and you become the service provider and the government official customer, its rather funny, connect with customer doesn’t exists at all.  Thankfully, a lot is changing and so is our government service although it will take decades to adopt pure customer service etiquette.

Now in our situation, we are neither dealing with families or with government officials, we are into commercial engagement. There is a cost to service and our customer is paying for it and expectations are much higher, way beyond SLA measures. Customers are content when you meet SLA measures but they are not really delighted, industry and work dynamics have moved and status quo is the biggest questions.

What our customer really is want is accountability and ownership, they want us own their process and make it better for them. These two attributes must be displayed on every interaction you with the customer, we must own their data or customer issues, you start displaying these attributes and you will see turn around in your process and clients will be delighted.

Not saying that you should not have accountability and ownership while addressing your family concerns but even if we don’t do it, its fine. These two work attributes is rarely displayed in government offices but you can’t survive without these in commercial relationships, miss it and you will soon run out of luck.                                                                                                 

Be accountable, take ownership, you will see the change!

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