Why do we make fun of others pronunciation of a foreign language ?

Trump said Sucheen Tendulkar and Modi said, Dolan Trump and people had a good laugh at it. Some really took it lightly and few of us, were deeply sarcastic and made fun of the gentleman.

Making of fun of others is truly human as it makes us feel good and probably drives a sense of superiority , that’s human behaviour, if you can’t match up, pull them down at your level, it’s considered as win or a falsified sense of win, egoistic satisfaction.

All of my life so far, I have genuinely struggled with pronunciation of my adapted language but still have managed to survive, I learn and correct it. At the same time I see lots of successful people who never cared of pronunciation, not that they do intentionally but never took as a roadblock in quest of success or finding their worth.They are able to communicate effectively and that is all it matters.

Don’t get bogged down by people who make fun of pronunciation, they don’t really know what brought you he

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