You are an average emloyee and that makes you special

Everyone wants to be special and needs endorsement from other to feel special but we always forget, what would really make us special, it’s our believe in ourselves.

In all spheres we keep on looking for specialist or that special talent,  we forget that the wheels of this universe or our organization is actually being propelled by generalist, people who are average. Look at your bell curve, only 10-20% are outliers and 60% are average performers.  The organization might pick some speed of growth/momentum because of top 10-20% talent but for it to continuously thrive, average performer must always perform, every single hour and every single day.

We should be really concerned if these average groups of professional are not delivering, organization growth will be standstill. There is a constant and strongest business need ever to make our average performers feel special and not sidelined.  It’s equally important for individuals to feel special if you are average performer, while you continuously thrive to be the best while you are still special!

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